Flying Police Car Simulator


Welcome to the exciting world of with Flying Police Car Simulator! This 3d game offers a unique gameplay experience and a map of the bustling Police city. Avoid the tall skyscrapers as you fly through them in your Police Car, losing speed if you collide. Explore the city's secrets by driving and flying through its streets and buildings. Earn coins by driving at high speeds, jumping off skyscrapers, and discovering hidden areas like the airport that is not connected to the main roads. Be careful not to fall into the water, as it will reset your progress. Collect coins to unlock more cars and keep an eye out for the hidden island on the map. But don't waste too much time, as you need to keep an eye on your fuel levels. Get ready to soar through the Police city and become the ultimate Party Animal!


Press W to increase speed. Press S to decrease speed. Press D to turn right. Press A to turn left. Press F to change controls. Press L to toggle cursor lock. Press X to activate speed boost. Press R to reset your vehicle. Use the mouse to control flying. Left click with the mouse to use air brakes.